Great Service, Great Conversation
I've worked in retail for almost twenty years, and I have to say, Manny's customer service was exceptional. Over the two days I spoke to him, he made honest, customer oriented suggestions about my choices in Motorcycles, facilitated a test ride for me prior to my arrival on the second day, and found a passionate subject to converse with me about while I had trouble pulling up my insurance info. Is not looking like I will be purchasing the motorcycle he reccomended, and I'm genuinely sad about that, because of all the salesman I've dealt with during this purchase period. He's the one that deserves the commission. I was never pressured, I was never bullied, and he was informative and honest. It read like talking to a buddy rather than a salesman. That's a rare skill. He mentioned he was part time, and I'm not sure if that's by choice, but my recommendation is to put him on full time if you can. He's an asset. o7 (Employee: Manuel Garcia)
Charlie Dearing
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