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I contacted Bobby Js over the internet. Within one day Hunter called me. Told him what I was interested in and told him Id be in within couple weeks. He gave me all his info and told me contact him with any questions. I was happy that he didnt keep bugging me like other places. I finally went in and looked at machine I wanted. Once again, told him Id be in in a couple weeks with my wife. Once again, no pressure from him or anyone else. After about a week we went in and purchased the CF moto 600. This was one of the best experiences weve ever had purchasing something. The staff made us feel comfortable and were very professional. We were given a 250$ store credit upon buying machine. We got ramps, and all oil change stuff for first service. I highly recommend Hunter and Mr Lowery. They made this purchase awesome. We will be back and appreciate their professionalism and customer service. (Employee: Hunter Lang)
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Joe Wisneski
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