Thanks to Nico and everyone at Bobby Js. We purchased a Viking for my father who is dealing with ALS and confined to a wheel chair. Nico spent time talking and working with him and my mother, this was early last week, helping them find the right UTV that he could get in and out of. Nico even suggested possible modifications to make access easier. I called Nico on Friday afternoon and told him we would take the unit that he quoted for my parents and would pick it up on Saturday. Made the 3 hour drive from North Eastern corner of the state. Within a few minutes of our arrival Nico had our unit at the front of the store ready to go. Getting the paper work done was quick and easy, Nico even helped get the unit loaded and tied down on my trailer while we waited for the paper work to be finalized. After having purchased other bikes at dealers closer to home, this is where I will be taking my business from now on. (Employee: Nico Montoya)
Troy Sauble
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