1st off, never purchased a bike for a kid before and the staff here went above and beyond to make sure my daughter was safe and ready! I purchased an SSR 110cc (STILL IN THE BOX!), however when it was delivered (did I say that, yes i did they delivered it to my house!), unfortunately it was a bike that had a clutch. Well, my daughter tried 1 time (10 yrs old) to slowly release the clutch and apply gas, when she immediately floored it and got scared. So they were so helpful on getting me a bike that had no clutch so she can learn and be safe in the beginning stages of riding. Then my dumb ass tries to purchase gear like helmets and pants without my daughter present, well that was great because I was wrong on all the sizes!!! LOL... What did they do, you guessed it!!! They allowed me to return the helmet and clothes to exchange for the correct sizes. This is my GO TO STORE for all things pertaining to off-road bikes and equipment from here on out!!! Thank you Manny!!!!!
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